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Dupage County Courthouse

We provide insulation and attic ventilation services to homeowners and business clients in Dupage County.

Having worked in Dupage County for over 20 years, we are very familiar with the area’s building standards, building codes, and some of the common problems homeowners in the area have encountered.

Some of the problems we see in Dupage County include attic moisture, raccoon infestations, bath fans exhausting into the attic, dryer vents exhausting into the attic. We see a lot of ice dams in winter and mold infestations as well, particularly with some of the older homes in the area. Ventilation and insulation standards have changed over the years.

Another problem we find often in the area, in older homes, are blocked intake soffit vents. When observing the soffit, you may see a vented soffit panel but that does not necessarily indicate a true vent into the attic space. Often the vented panels are installed over closed plywood, allowing zero air intake. This happens when older homes are upgraded to aluminum soffits. The intake soffit vent panels are installed, but the wood is not cut through to the attic space. The appearance of the intake soffit vent panels can mislead homeowners into believing they have ventilation where none exists.  See below.


blocked soffit intake vent

Soffit with Intake Vent Panel

blocked soffit intake vent dupage

The Vent is Blocked by Wood – No Attic Ventilation

We offer FREE – No Obligation – Attic Inspection – Including Intake Vent Check!


We work year round to help you keep your home healthy, efficient, and comfortable! 

If you have concerns about your attic, call us for a free attic inspection at 630.941.3800

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