Attic Moisture in Winter

Moisture in your attic can wreak havoc and lead to a variety of costly repairs. Attic moisture can lead to wet insulation, attic frost, mold, and structural damage to your property.

Where Does the Moisture Come From?

During winter, when windows and doors are kept closed, water vapors generated from cooking, cleaning, bathing can rise into your attic through gaps and cracks. These moisture vapors can collect on surfaces including insulation, rafters, and on the underside of your roof sheathing.

Wet Insulation

Moisture build-up on insulation can dramatically reduce insulation performance. This results in running heating system more often, adding to heating costs month after month and putting excessive wear and tear on the system.

Moist Wood Structures

Moisture build-up on wood structures can lead to frost during sub-freezing temperatures. Ongoing cycles of freezing and melting may lead to rapid wood deterioration and instability.

Attic Mold

Moisture on surfaces can also lead to mold. Mold growth occurs when mold spores have access to moist environments with low activity levels. Mold feeds on moisture, dust, and organic particles. When moisture is present, the attic becomes an ideal environment for mold growth. If left unaddressed, mold can weaken your roofing and other structural supports in the attic.

Mold in Living Spaces

Mold colonies can also spread to living spaces and spread rapidly, not only is it unsightly, it negatively impacts indoor air quality. Mold can increases the health risks for occupants, especially for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and compromised immune conditions.

How to Control Attic Moisture?

You can’t stop showering or cooking, so how do you control attic moisture in winter?

  • Ensure your attic is ventilated adequately for the size of your attic
  • Seal gaps and cracks that allow moisture to transfer to the attic
  • Make sure your bathroom exhaust fans and dryer exhaust are not exhausting into the attic (both of which should route outdoors but often are not)
  • Make sure your humidifier is not set too high (if you have condensation on window, it’s set too high)

Affordable Solutions

The cure for attic moisture is far more cost effective than repairing the damage that moisture may do. We are The Attic Experts, we offer affordable attic ventilation, proper bath fan and dryer exhaust to homeowners in Chicago and all Suburbs.

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