Humid - Crawls space dehumidifier

Crawl Space Dehumidifier


We now provide and install powerful crawlspace dehumidifiers.  The Humidex by HQ Hometek will effectively reduce moisture and condensation build up in your crawl space.

Crawl Space Moisture Solutions

Crawl spaces are a major source of moisture infiltration that permeates up into living areas, emits odors and saturates structures. The crawl space environment is conducive to mold growth.  Foundation vents are inadequate sources of ventilation and do not mechanically expel moisture to keep the area dry and free of odors.  In certain climates and seasons the introduction of hot humid air into a cold crawl space environment can create crawl space moisture problems.

This Humidex ventilation unit is designed for crawl spaces or homes without basements. Unlike conventional crawl space dehumidifiers, it will reduce humidity and musty odors in a crawl space with controlled ventilation in these problematic areas. Because it removes humidity, it will also stop wood from rotting which will go toward eliminating costly repairs.

Includes back draft damper, booster fan and duct (CCC-103)

Height: 30″, Width: 11″, Depth: 7″
Capacity: 3,000 sq. feet
Air Flow: High Mode: Exhaust – 180 cfm, re-circulating – 180 cfm Maintenance mode: Exhaust – 40 cfm, re-circulating – 40 cfm
Power: 76 watts

Extensive testing conducted by the Department of Energy monitored 12 identical homes to compare crawl spaces with foundation wall vents to closed crawl spaces without foundation vents that utilized mechanical ventilation.  Here are the general findings:

  • Foundation vents add excess moisture during hot humid weather, promoting conditions conducive to mold growth.
  • Vapor barriers by themselves do not keep the crawl space dry enough.
  • Closed crawl spaces with mechanical ventilation stay dry all year round.

Foundation vented crawl spaces – 70% relative humidity 79% of the time.

Mechanical vented crawl spaces – Never exceeded 60% relative humidity and there were lower energy costs for heating and cooling the entire house -17% savings.

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