High Heating Bills This Winter? Check Your Attic Insulation.

Your Attic is Important

Contrary to popular belief, an attic is more than a space to store things. In fact, energy experts recommend not using your attic for storage at all. Your attic plays a key role in maintaining energy efficiency both in winter and in summer. It also protects your roof from premature deterioration and damage.

Why Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation saves you money while keeping your home more comfortable all year round. Attic insulation slows the transfer of heat. In winter, attic insulation prevents heated air from rising into the attic allowing rooms to stay warm longer. It also reduces the burden on your heating system.

In summer adequate attic insulation slows the transfer of heat build up in your attic from passing down into air-conditioned living spaces thereby reducing wear and tear on your air-conditioning system.

During both seasons, ample attic insulation can dramatically reduce utility costs, in many cases by as much as 40 percent. Here in Chicagoland, many homes are not properly insulated to current code recommendations, leading to hefty utility bills and inconsistent room temperatures.

Of course, attic ventilation also plays a key role. Click here to learn more about attic ventilation.

Attic Insulation Myths

When considering attic insulation, there’s tons of information out there, not all of it is true.  Homeowners wishing to do their part from a “green home” perspective may be getting inaccurate information.

We see these insulation myths permeate communities and it can be hard to get folks to trust you when you tell them they are primarily marketing myths.

I came across this article recently, and I think it does a good job of putting things in proper perspective, relative to attic insulation and home efficiency.

INSULATION MYTHS (click to read)> 

If you are considering attic insulation, this is a good read.  You can learn more about attic insulation here too!


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