Don’t Forget The Attic

Homeowners go to great lengths to prepare their home for cold weather months by sealing windows and doors, cleaning gutters, scheduling annual maintenance on heating systems, fireplaces, and more. All very important steps, but too often they overlook the attic.

Your Attic is Important

In winter, a properly configured attic can make a big difference in the comfort of living spaces and how much you pay each month for that comfort. Problems in your attic can lead to mold issues, ice dams, premature aging of the roof, and structural wood rot.

Attic insulation and attic ventilation work together to minimize problems and ensure comfortable living spaces while minimizing heating costs.

Attic Insulation

When was the last time you inspected the insulation in your attic? As you know, heat rises. As your furnace runs, the warm air generated rises up, eventually to the attic and out through the roof. Adequate attic insulation can dramatically minimize such heat loss, which means rooms stay warmer longer while you run the furnace less. Plus, good attic insulation will also prevent cool air from escaping in the summer (when running your air conditioner), cutting cooling costs.

Attic Ventilation

In winter, when windows and doors are kept closed, warm moist air from living spaces below (showers, bathing, cooking, etc.) can rise up into the attic generating attic moisture problems. Proper air circulation will prevent that moisture from building up on surfaces.  Attic moisture can result in damage to wood, insulation, and lead to attic mold problems and impact indoor air quality.

Click here to learn more about attic ventilation!

Don’t Put It Off

If attic ventilation problems are left unaddressed, ice dams may begin to form. Ice dams can cause considerable damage to the property and can be difficult to resolve during winter.   Click here to learn more about ice dams.

Fall is a Perfect Time for an Attic Inspection

Fall is an ideal time to identify and correct issues that can lead to trouble during the winter.  We suggest annual attic inspections as a regular fall routine.  Don’t have time? Not sure what to look for? No problem. That’s what we do. Call us for a FREE comprehensive attic inspection.

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